Attendee Troubleshooting Tips

Attendee App Troubleshooting Tips 
  • If attendees are trying to enter an event and receive a message that none of the e-mails on the account are correct, make sure they've: 
    • 1) Verified their e-mail address
    • 2) Spelled their e-mail address correctly 
  • E-mail verification links expire after a short time. It's recommended attendees verify them right after account creation. If the e-mail verification link expires, there are instructions to re-send the verification from the website.
  • If attendees created an account with an invalid email address, ask them to create a new account.
  • If attendees do not recall their password, they can click or tap Forgot My Password on the login screen.
  • If attendees forget the name of their app account, they can find it using the What's my app account? link on the login screen.
  • If attendees get the message that their email address is incorrect and they also get the message their email address is already in use when they try to create a new account, please contact Results Direct App Support for assistance.

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