How will users access my restricted event?

To access a restricted event using the native iOS or Android apps, users will first need to create an account and verify the email address.

  1. Tap 'log in’ once things have loaded (we’ll get to the event selection later)
  2. Tap ‘Get Started’ to begin creating your account
  3. Fill out your sign up information. If the event is restricted by Email, be sure to sign up with that email address (though you can add another one later). Tap Sign Up when complete.
  4. From your phone or other device, check your email that you used to sign up to look for the Email Verification link we just sent. Click that, and make sure you see a confirmation page that says it’s been verified.
  5. Now return to the app, and select the restricted event. If the app is restricted by External Authentication, you will need to verify access on another page. If not, you're in!

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