How do I restrict access to my event?

  1. When creating your Event, on the Edit Event screen, scroll down to the area that says "Access Restrictions" located just above Advertising

  2. Select one of the Access Restrictions types
  3. Add your Authentication instructions
    • These will be displayed at the bottom of the restriction specific text for your users. Use this area to present help text and custom instructions for your users as they attempt to access your restricted event. For example, you could explain which email would be associated with the administrator approved list, or a password hint.
  4. Save your Event
  5. Configure your Restricted Access from the main event page

    • For Eventsential login, enter the email addresses of each attendee that you wish to grant access to this event. Users that validate ownership of one of these addresses will be granted access.
    • For Shared Password external authentication, enter the password/passphrase you wish to share with users. Users that enter this string will be granted access.

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