What are my options when choosing to restrict access for an event?

  1. No access restriction, the event is open to everyone
    • This is the Default setting. No action is required for this option.
  2. Require login with an approved email address
    • With this option, attendees are required to enter an email address that matches a list you as the administrator have created in the backoffice portal. Users will be required to validate the email that is sent to them before access is granted.
  3. Require attendees to enter a shared password
    • A shared password is used choosing any word or phrase. All of your users will need to know this word or phrase in order to access the event. Alphanumeric entries are welcome and it is not case sensitive.
  4. Require authentication through an external integration
    • External integration requires additional configuration. If you wish to integrate your own authentication scheme into your events, please contact Results Direct for more information.

NOTE: If an event has already been published, it should be considered in use, and is live and open for your users access. Restricting access is not retroactive to any users who have already added an event to their app. Changing this setting will render your event unusable by anyone who has not upgraded their app to 2.4. Users with apps prior to 2.4 will not see restricted events.

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