How do I create Additional Information items?

    Additional Information Items represent any other content you wish to display in your event. They can link to web pages outside of the app for complete control, or embedded HTML-formattable content that will be available offline to attendees. By default, these pieces of content live on the “Event Details” screen, but can be upgraded to top-level menu items with their own icons.

    1) First, visit your event page and look for Additional Information. Click [add]

      2) Fill in the title as it will appear on the device. If you’re planning on placing it on the iOS tab bar (not in ‘More’), keep the name under around 10 characters.
      3) You have three options now. Only one may be used for each item:
      • Enter URL: Enter the URL of the site you wish the app to link to when tapping this item
      • Upload File: Choose a file to host on our servers that the app will link to when tapping this item
      • Informational Content: Use the ‘WYSIWYG’ editor (or paste in the source code) to create content that the user will only need to download once, and will be rendered within the app when the user selects this item.

      4) Once you’re done, click Create in the navigation bar to save this item

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