How do I create Eventsential ads?

Creating ad campaigns in Eventsential by Results Direct is easy! 

  1. Enable Eventsential Advertising. You can enable Eventsential Advertising by navigating to: Edit Event > Advertising. Click on Enable Eventsential Advertising and on the primary grey navigation bar, click Save. 
  2. Next, click on the Ads section on the secondary navigation panel. If you're ready to get started creating your first ad, click the Add New Ad button:
  3. Then complete the Create New Ad Form. Here you'll specify the Title, Caption (Optional), Image (URL or Upload File) and Click-through URL. Your ad artwork must be uploaded in the recommended format: 300x50 pixels, PNG or JPEG and 100KB. Animated GIF's are not supported.
  4. Select the green Create button on the primary grey navigation bar. Congratulations, you created your first Eventsential by Results Direct app ad.

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