How can I incorporate Sponsors into my Exhibitor list?

For events having both Exhibitors and Sponsors, the feature tag can be used to allow both entities to appear in the same section, distinguishing Sponsors from the overall list of Exhibitors, with the added benefit of raising visibility for Sponsors.

The process for incorporating Sponsors into the Exhibitor list includes 4 main steps (Detailed instructions above):

  1. First, create a sponsorship group and assign the Group Role to "Featured"
  2. Next, create the appropriate tags within the group, include the word Sponsor in the tag (Ex: “Sponsor”, “Gold Sponsor”, etc)
  3. Tag your Sponsors with the appropriate Sponsor tag, and if appropriate change booth number to reflect your sponsorship set up (Ex: leave it blank, “Room 132”, etc)
  4. And finally, change your navigation item to an appropriate term (Ex: “Companies”, “Exhibitors”, "Sponsors”, etc) remembering that longer labels will truncate in the tab navigation on iOS

Users will see the sponsors in the list called out with the appropriate tags, and be able to filter to view only certain levels:

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