How do I create tags for my Event?

The process of creating tags and filters includes 3 main steps:

  1. First, a Group is created.
  2. Next, actual tags are created within the Groups.
  3. And finally, tag your associated content within Exhibitors and Sessions.

The steps below will walk you through the details within each of these 3 main steps to creating tags and filters.


The first step to assigning tags to your event is to create a Group. All tags are in Groups.

To access and add tags to your Event, do the following,

  • Locate your Event in the Eventsential Backoffice and click on it.
  • Once you have selected your Event, there are 2 ways to begin assigning tags to your event:
    • Scroll down to Exhibitors and click [tags] from Event details. (Find the Event > scroll down to Exhibitors > click [tags]

    • OR
    • From your Events Exhibitors list page click [View All]. Then click [Manage Tags] in the main navigation. (Find the Event > scroll down to Exhibitors > click [view all] > click [Manage Tags] in the main navigation.)
  • Next, add Groups to help categorize your tags on the filter screen in the app. The Group name will be visible to your app user and will help organize your tags in the filter screen.
    Click [Add Group] in the main navigation to begin making your tags.

  • Group Role is a function within the created Group and is available for both Sessions and Exhibitors. The “Featured” Group Role is optional and will “Feature” a Group of tagged content. The entire Group will be your Featured set of tags. 
    • For example:
      • Group: Sponsorship Level
      • Tags: Diamond, Palladium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • To set a Group as "Featured" click on the drop down for Group Role. Only one Group can be Featured at a time.

  • When you change Featured to the Group you are currently editing, all formerly featured tags will remain; the only thing that changes is the featured Group Role.


Now, create your actual Tags.

You may enter as many tag names as you like in the text area for tag names, but only one per line. A new tag will be created for each entry that does not already exist in this group.

Click [Add Tags]

Click [Create] when you are ready to create the tag(s) you have entered.

Note: Exhibitor and Sessions tags are completely separate from each other. Creating a Group and corresponding Tags on Exhibitors will not populate Tags for use in Sessions.

Note: After creating your tags you will see (0 items) listed to the right of each tag. This is because none of those tags have yet been associated with any content.


  • Tags are assigned while you edit your Session or Exhibitor in the backoffice. To tag associated content within Exhibitors or Sessions, locate the item you wish to tag. Note: Tagging content is as simple as adding a Booth or a Description.
  • Go to Exhibitors or Sessions > Locate the Exhibitor or Sessions you wish to tag
  • Click [edit]
  • Scroll down to the Tags section
  • Start typing the tag name > select/click or type the tag name from the list you already created above (step 6) that you wish to tag/associate with this Exhibitor.

  • (optional) add more tags
  • Save
    Note: The checkbox for Featured Exhibitor is being deprecated. Please use a Featured tag group to designate featured exhibitors
    Example of a Featured Exhibitor

  • Go to the Eventsential app to view and test your work:
  • Open up your app and look for the Filter button on Schedule or Exhibitors

  • Filter your results:
    • To Filter your Sessions or Exhibitors, tap on the Filter button and select your desired filter.
    • Note: It is possible to make a filter combination showing no results at all. Trial and error will give you a feel for how best to assign your Groups and corresponding tags.
    • Note: In the example below, it is possible to select a Platinum level entry that is not on Tuesday.
      • Group Name: Sessions by Day
      • Group Tags: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
      • Group Name: Sponsorship Level
      • Group Tags: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

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