Beacon Location

Venue Latitude & Longitude

  • The geographic radius of the Venue is determined by the center point you enter in the Venue Latitude & Longitude field
  • This radius encompasses 500 meters of physical space (Please contact Results Direct if you need a larger radius to set up Beacons at further endpoints)
  • Eventsential will only look for Beacons from within this 500m radius
    For reference, here is a 400 meter span over the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, DCLocation Services
    • Upon installing Eventsential each user will be prompted to enable location services on their device. Eventsential deliberately uses system standards, secure access, with only minimal location information about your device, and only within the Venue latitude & longitude set by the administrator.
    • Beacons must be explicitly toggled on per event, and the latitude/longitude coordinates of the Event venue must also be provided. That information, and the list of Beacons configured for an event, is downloaded with the event configuration.
    • There are a limited number of Beacon regions that can be configured by any given app, and because there is a power cost associated with doing this type of monitoring, the app will attempt to minimize the number of monitored regions.
      Limitations may include:
      • Location monitoring will be done a week before the event starts and a week after the event ends. No location monitoring will be done outside of these perameters
      • Within your event dates, a Geofence will be configured for the circle centered on the venue coordinates and having a radius of 500m
      • Beacon regions will be configured for the Event's Beacons if, and only if, the device is inside that Geofence
      • While the app is within one or more of the Beacon regions, it will activate ranging for those Beacons
      • The app will check for messages associated with each Beacon it can see at each ranging interval, but no more than once every 60 seconds for a given Beacon
      • When a new message is retrieved, if the app is in the foreground, the user gets an alert. If the app is in the background, a notification banner/alert is presented that looks like a push notification. If the message has been seen before, the user is not notified
      • Beacon messages appear in the notification list along with announcements.

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