How do I set up my Event to use Beacons?

Beacons are set up on an event-by-event basis. You enable and create your Beacons and corresponding messages for each event.

1. Enable Beacons

  • Find the individual Event for which you wish to use Beacons, go to the Event details page and click [Edit Event]
  • Scroll down to just after the Twitter setting and there you will find Beacon messages
  • Toggle “Enable beacon messages” on.

2. Figure Out the Venue Latitude & Longitude

For proper security, privacy, and to conserve system resources, the app will pay attention to the physical location of the Event venue. We will only monitor for Broadcasting Beacons within 500m of this spot.

  • One of the easiest ways to obtain the correct coordinates is by searching Google Maps []. While on any desktop browser in Google Maps, right-click on the map and select [What's here?] your Latitude and Longitude coordinates will be listed below the address. On a mobile device, using a site like will work well to get your coordinates.
  • Enter your Latitude first then the Longitude. For example: 38.8054070, -77.0478780
  • Save the Event Details page.

3. Set Up Your Physical Beacon(s)

  • You will use the above information, already gathered, to set up your physical Beacon and your device
  • Generate your UUID. Any Beacon app will usually generate a UUID for you, or you can also do this by searching for a UUID generator via Google, Bing, or, Duckduckgo
  • Populate the Major and Minor identifiers on that Beacon hardware.

4. Create Your Eventsential Beacon(s)

  • Choose the same Event you just enabled Beacons on, and look for the heading "Beacons". This will be somewhere near the bottom of your Event Details page in the Backoffice, near Maps or Ads (if enabled)
  • Click: Add
  • Populate your Beacon information with Name, Unique identifier (UUID), Major and Minor Identifiers
  • Click: Create
  • Note: If you have already created a Beacon and wish to link this Beacon see step 6

5. Add Active Messages

Add the actual active messages you will be sending to your users via the Eventsential Beacon system. Your Beacon's Active Messages will populate in the app on the Notifications tab. These messages will consist of whatever content you create

  • TITLE: Create a title. The title will be seen by your user as the title to the notification received on their device
  • TAKES EFFECT: Choose when you want the Beacon to take effect, "Immediately: deactivate the current message, and replace it" or at a given Date/Time
  • ACTIVE UNTIL: Choose how long you want the Beacon to remain active - "until explicitly replaced or deactivated" or at a given Date/Time
  • MESSAGE: Populate the message content, just like notifications; images and HTML can be included if desired
  • Save 

If you wish to create multiple Messages with timed release, do so now, clone old messages, or delete as needed.

6. Linked Beacon(s)

Linked Beacons allow you to broadcast the same message from more than one Beacon. You might do this if, for example, you have two entrances and want users to be able to receive the same welcome message at both entrances.

Let's say you have a Beacon already active and working perfectly, and now you wish to add more of the same Beacons throughout your venue; linking multiple Beacons will allow pointing to the same active messages.

How to link your Beacons:

  • First you need to have a working Beacon. This is the Beacon you will link to
  • Create a new Beacon. Go to: Beacons > Click [Add]
  • Enter the new Beacons data: UUID, Major and Minor identifiers. These will be different than the already working Beacon, because it is a separate device
  • Scroll down to Linked Beacon
  • Select the Beacon you wish to link to
  • Save 

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