How Do I Configure Conferences I/O for an Event?

Conferences I/O Integration can be configured 2 different ways.  Results Direct sets up the account with Conferences I/O or your organization has an existing account with Conferences I/O.  

If your organization has an existing Conferences I/O account there is one additional step necessary to start the integration.  Listed below in the steps. 

In the Backoffice, navigate to  Events, select your event, in the Event Info section navigate to Engagement Tools Integration and click the Setup button.  Next the Engagement Tools page will open. Follow the steps. 

  1. If your organization purchased an account directly through Conferences I/O (all other skip to step 2): Enter the App URI, such as “empire-51”.  Don’t confuse the App URI with the URL; for a URL like “”, “michael” is the App URI.
  2. Click or tap the blue Synchronize button to automatically import session and speaker content. 
  3. Next click or tap the blue Engagement Tools Admin Console button to configure the evaluations and/or polls for the event. For example, add questions or export evaluation content. 
  4. Then return to the Engagement Tools page and click or tap the Click Here link to choose which sessions will use the tools. 

NOTE: The Conferences I/O Admin Console is also where you can export session evaluations, poll content and social Q&A content. The export generates individual Excel files for each session, and returns a single ZIP folder archive containing all sessions. 

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