Viewing Year-Round Content Reports

Viewing 360 Content Reports

Reports are automatically generated for your 360 content and events. To view available reports, click the “Reports” button on the toolbar.

The individual reports that are displayed may vary depending on your configuration.

Selections by Account Status

This area gives you an overview of how many users have accessed your organization. Users who are logged into the app are counted under "Known Users," while users without accounts will be counted under "Unknown Users." Known Users will only be counted once, regardless of how many devices they have used. However, Unknown Users with multiple devices will be counted once per device.

The "Download full report" link will generate a CSV document containing a list of all known users who have selected your organization.

Selections by Device Platform

This area provides an overview of how many unique user devices have selected your organization, separated by platform. For example, if a single user accesses your organization on both their phone and their tablet, it will be counted as 2 selections.

Once a device has been counted, it will not be counted again unless the user logs out or uninstalls the app.

Event Selections

This area provides an overview of how many users have accessed each of your published events, in total. In addition, each event's individual reports can be accessed directly from here by clicking on the event name.

Advertising Statistics

This area summarizes the number of times each of this organization’s ads was displayed on the website or in the application (impressions), and the number of times a user clicked or tapped the ad for more information (click-throughs). These statistics are filterable by date range, dating back to a maximum of two years.

Note: This data represents activity that occurred between 0:00-23:59 UTC (Universal Time  Coordinated ) within the specified date range. Please note that it may differ from your particular time zone, depending on your location.

Statistics older than 2 years are automatically aggregated into monthly totals, viewable under the "Archived" tab:

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