Gamification Scavenger Hunt

Success Story: Find Browser Scavenger Hunt

  • Client: Alliance by Protech 
  • App Name: Protech 365 
  • Products: Engagefully + Eventsential by Results Direct 
  • Event: Fusion 2018 (Protech Users Group Conference) 
  • Event Website:  

To encourage app adoption and engagement, Protech incorporated gamification featuring Browser, the company mascot. Using their app and beacon technology, Protech worked with Results Direct to create the ultimate onsite game of hide-and-seek. 

Here’s how it easy it was:

  1. Select and configure beacons. Protech chose Radius Networks’ RadBeacon Dot and RadBeacon Dot Wrist Accessory. The result = a beacon dog collar for their Browser mascot plush toy embedded directly in the app!
  2. Create a series of clues. In the app backoffice, tap on "Beacons" in the menu. Click the blue "Add Beacon" button and begin adding clue content in the form of messages to each beacon.

    Message example: “The day is brewing with excitement. Come find me on my coffee break— and return me to Registration to collect a prize.”
  3. Next, hide Browsers around the event space. As attendees walked within proximity of the beacons, an app notification alerted them of the clue. A total of 9 Browers were hidden during the event. 

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