Gamification Ideas

Gamification encourages mobile app adoption and engagement – in the moment and after your event. It’s a strategy worth exploring. What may start out as competition will turn into genuine engagement. The best experiences are the ones where you get creative. Here are a few ideas: 

This game is simple to set up and has gotten great reviews. The rules are simple, attendees upload their favorite event photos to the timeline and at the end of each day a winner is chosen for a prize (usually a gift card). Game instructions can be easily provided via an "Additional Menu Item", "Notification" or via email. 

Using your app and beacon technology, create an onsite game of hide and seek. Here’s how it works. Select and configure beacons. You will need to purchase beacons, they are not provided by Results Direct. Next, create a series of clues. In the app backoffice, tap on "Beacons" in the menu. Then click the blue "Add Beacon" button and begin adding clue content in the form of messages to each beacon. Program beacons with game messages and place around your event space. When attendees get within proximity of a beacon, they will receive an app notification or clue. The message could request the attendee to return the beacon to the Registration Desk and collect a prize. You can also attach beacons to an object like a t-shirt or plush toy for added excitement or to work into your event theme.  

Chances are you’ve participated in a scavenger hunt – pretty fun, right? Design a Scavenger Hunt using your mobile app to ensure attendees get involved in every aspect of your event. Start with a list of desired actions and use the promoted posts to deliver the clues. A promoted post is a message that stays pinned to the top of the app activity feed for a pre-set amount of time. The game includes finding clues, completing challenges, accumulating points and earning rewards. 

Everyone loves a good quiz…and so will your attendees! Use your survey functionality to ask questions and give points for correct answers. Tie in quiz participation with the Timeline and use the app leaderboard so players can see who is in the lead throughout the event. Add organization and location trivia questions for extra fun. Players receive prizes or badges and progress through levels of achievement. 
Read more about this  here.

Who doesn’t appreciate new swag and friendly competition? Your app is the perfect place to incentivize participation and encourage engagement. Make a list of the activities players can earn points for completing. Call this game a Swag Shopping Trip Contest. You’ll need to create a list of actions users will do in exchange for points. Users can “cash” in their points at the Swag Shop. Points are also awarded for social activities like replying to a question or ranking a post.

For example, a player shares their session takeaways in a session notes, they earn 10 points. The 10 points = a t-shirt. The more points earned, the bigger the shopping spree. The key is to proof of achievement. The same way that name badge ribbons are popular at in-person events. You’ll see attendees become your biggest app champions. 

Use your app poll functionality to generate a series of informational questions. Deploy the questions throughout the event. Attendees will answer in the app. Organizations looking to collect feedback and source opinions, should host a poll contest. 

An Exhibitor/Sponsor Flair Game drives traffic to the trade show floor. Start by creating a flair badge (real or digital) for each exhibitor or sponsor. Post the contest information in your event mobile app menu. Here is where you’ll describe the game, the rules and the prizes. The goal is to collect the flair from each exhibitor or sponsor booth. Players earn prizes when they collect the desired number of flair. A fun way to create buzz around the game, ask players to post pictures of their flair collections. Gamification helps build engagement – in the moment and after your event. It’s a strategy worth exploring. What may start out as competition will turn into genuine engagement. The best experiences are the ones where you get creative.

We love seeing great examples of gamification in action. Got one?  Share it with us!

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