Release Notes

Here is where you can find the Results Direct Mobile Release Notes. Each release includes product refinements and enhancements. Releases are typically scheduled every quarter. 

Results Direct Mobile Release Notes History 
  • 2019.1 Release Notes (February) 
    Includes new tools designed to create custom content to year-round resources, targeted event notifications, high-resolution ads, and more item associations
  • 2018.4 Release Notes (October) 
    Includes improved Timeline photo viewing, online access to notes, enhanced Engagefully reporting and numerous performance enhancements.
  • Backoffice Enhancements (September) 
    Includes a new participants tool, welcome email invitation functionality, reorganized roles and content access, more year-round icon artwork and the ability to download event timeline content and data. 
  • 2018.3 Release Notes (August) 
    Includes option to restrict visibility of users’ profile information, ability to replace standard event app terminology, tappable phone numbers and URLs appearing custom fields and improved CSV upload process to make uploading data easier.
  • 2018.2 Release Notes (May) 
    Includes new tools designed to create custom content, option to include unlimited sub-sessions, enhanced image upload process, addition of image library, simplified the email whitelist option and the ability to re-use app icons. 

Please let us know how we can help you leverage the latest features! We appreciate you being a customer. 

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