Release Notes

Here is where you can find the Results Direct Mobile Release Notes. Each release includes product refinements and enhancements. Releases are typically scheduled every quarter. 

Results Direct Mobile Release Notes History 
  • 2019.2 Release Notes (June 2019)
    In addition to several of bug fixes this release includes the following:
    • New App Icons
      • Includes a new look for Eventsential and Engagefully including new app icons on your mobile devices.  
    • Support for multiple Backoffice Admin Logins 
      • If you have multiple admins working on your app content, they can now each have their own set of login credentials.  Contact our support team to request additional logins. 
    • Reporting Enhancements. 
      • Event analytics now includes engagement metrics allowing you to see how many attendees accessed resources connected sessions, exhibitors, speakers, and custom content items. 
      • Engagefully customers can also view reports for resource usage on year-round custom content items.
    • In App Tips
      • A new in-app support menu item provides your members and attendees with useful tips and improved options to reach out for help.   
    • Improved Guidance for Validating App Users
      • Better guidance for app users to ensure they have access to the resources they need. 
  • 2019.1 Release Notes (February 2019) 
    Includes n ew tools designed to create custom content to year-round resources, targeted event notifications, high-resolution ads, and more item associations.
    • Follow Up With Your Registrants
      • We've expanded our invitation email functionality to enable follow up with additional, targeted email communication to keep your registrants informed, and drive app usage. Learn More
    • Custom Content Available to Year-Round Resources
      • We've brought the custom content (the same features we added to events last year) to year-round engagement related content and resources.  If you have content you'd like to bring to the app through a structured list format, this is just the tool you've been waiting for! Learn More
    • Targeted Event Notifications
      • When you create notifications in your events, you may now select one or more roles: only users with those roles will receive push notification, or see the content in the app. Learn MoreHelpful Tips
    • High-Resolution Ads
      • You can now provide high-resolution images for the banner advertisements in your events, so that your content looks great on modern high-DPI devices.
    • More Item Associations Allowed
      • You can now link your exhibitors to speakers and sessions within your events.  This helps to raise the visibility to your exhibitors and sponsors, and to help your users find the content and resources they're looking for. 
  • 2018.4 Release Notes (October 2018) 
    Includes iOS 12improved Timeline photo viewing, online access to notes, enhanced Engagefully reporting and numerous performance enhancements.
    • Improved Timeline Photo Viewing
      • Photos posted to the Interactive Timeline can now be zoomed, panned, saved, and shared.
    • Online Access to Notes
      • Attendees can now access notes they’ve entered on any device via their online profile located on the responsive website.
    • Enhanced Reports (Engagefully)
      • Admins can now view reports outlining the number of known and unknown users who've accessed their content, and advertising analytics.
    • General Updates
      • 2018.4 includes updates for iOS 12 as well as numerous performance enhancements.
  • Backoffice Enhancements (September 2018) 
    Includes a new participants tool, welcome email invitation functionality, reorganized roles and content access, more year-round icon artwork and the ability to download event timeline content and data. 
  • 2018.3 Release Notes (August 2018) 
    Includes option to restrict visibility of users’ profile information, ability to replace standard event app terminology, tappable phone numbers and URLs appearing custom fields and improved CSV upload process to make uploading data easier.
  • 2018.2 Release Notes (May 2018) 
    Includes new tools designed to create custom content, option to include unlimited sub-sessions, enhanced image upload process, addition of image library, simplified the email whitelist option and the ability to re-use app icons. 

Please let us know how we can help you leverage the latest features! We appreciate you being a customer. 

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