How to Preview Your Event - Screenshots

From the event details page, simply click on the Preview button in the top navigation.

This gives you your preview code. This is the code that you will enter into the app to search for your event. Note that the code is not case-sensitive.

If you have a new installation of the app, it will open up to the Welcome screen. Type your code into the search field, and tap on the Search button. Then, select your event from the search results.

Here you can verify that your content entry point is set correctly, you can test out the menu items that you've created, and view your sessions and other event data.

Unpublished events are not refreshed automatically, so if you make changes to your content and want to see those changes in your app, go to the Event Details page and tap on the refresh icon.

If you already have the app installed and have selected your organization, you can preview your event by typing in your preview code on the event selection screen.

And that's it! When you're ready to publish your event, just go back to the event detail page, and click on the Publish button in the top navigation.

Important notes:

  • You can use this same code after publishing the event, and share it with attendees to link them directly to your event
  • In preview mode, events won't automatically update. You will need to manually refresh the event data in order to see any changes you make in the backoffice.

You can download a version of eventsential from either itune or google play.  Either search for the app Eventsential by Results Direct or click on one of the following buttons.

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