Managing Social Networking - Video

Eventsential's social networking tools are a great way promote engagement with your event and help attendees connect with one another.

In this video we're going to talk about approving users and timeline moderation.

This assumes that you've already set up your basic social networking options. If not, take a few minutes to check out our video on Setting Up Social Networking.

Alright, from the main event details page, click on the Participants tab on the left.

This is where you can see and approve user participation, and access your attendee roster.

The top section on this page is for participating users. These are people who have created an account and selected your event.

Users awaiting approval will be indicated here with an alert icon. Click on the link to see the list.

You can search for specific users here, and filter by approval status.

The user's status is listed on the right; and you can use the approval button here on the list to change their status, or you can click on the person's name to see their profile detail, and you can use the buttons at the top to change their approval status.

The "Approve" button enables social features on their account for this event. "Deny Access" disables social features for this user at this event, and "Add to Blacklist" disables social features for this user for all events created by your organization.

We're going to approve this user.

You can change a user's status at any time.

The button at the top of the Participants list allows you to view and manage blacklisted users.

From here, you can add users to the blacklist by selecting the user from a list.

You can remove users from the blacklist by clicking on the Remove button.

The Participants tab also has shortcut links to view approved and denied users, as well as a button that takes you to the blacklist management page.

When social features are enabled, you will want to have at least one person designated as a timeline moderator.

You can manage moderators by selecting the Social Content tab from the event details page, and clicking on the Manage Moderators button. Click on "Add Addresses" to add additional moderators. Enter one email address per line, and click "Add". You can remove a moderator by clicking on the Delete button.

Moderators are notified if any timeline content has been flagged as inappropriate.

So, for example, if someone is viewing a timeline post, they can click on the "Report" button to report inappropriate content. The user can select a reason for flagging the content, and they also have an option to mute the user, so that they will not see any more of that user's posts.

When a post has been flagged, the moderator will be notified by email, and the post will show up in the back office on the Social Content tab.

Click on the link to view posts pending moderation, and select the individual post.

Here you can see the content that was reported, the person who posted the content, and the reasons that were given for reporting the content. On this page you can choose to remove the content, or dismiss the report.

You can also view the details of the user who posted the content, and you can choose to revoke that user's access, or add them to the blacklist.

Also on the Social Content tab is a link to export your timeline content. This spreadsheet contains the timestamp of each post, the name of the person posting the content, the text of the content, photo URL if any, the name of the session tagged in the post, session ID, number of likes, and number of comments.

So, we hope that you'll put these social networking features to great use, and have a wonderfully successful event!

Thanks for joining us!

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