How soon will attendees see the updated content on their devices?

Each device requests updates intermittently to ensure attendees see the most up-to-date information. The process of acquiring and storing new content is optimized to accommodate the variety of attendee data plans and levels of Internet connectivity. The Eventsential event web site will reflect changes immediately on page refresh across all devices.

The frequency of native iOS and Android app events updating depends on the status of that event as detailed in the schedule below:

  • Every 5 minutes of active usage (meaning the attendee is viewing the event on their device)
  • Every 24 hours when opening the app prior to the event start date
  • Every hour when opening the app during the event (in version 3.2 and later, this begins 48 hours before the listed start date)
  • Every 24 hours when opening the app for up to 4 weeks after the end of the event


  • Unpublished events do not update automatically
  • The organizations list in the Eventsential app will update every hour

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