How to Upload Speakers - Video

In this video, we'll show you how to easily upload speakers from a spreadsheet, using Eventsential's import utility.

From the main event details screen, click on the Utilities button in the top navigation.

Start out by downloading an existing spreadsheet to use as a template.

There are 2 sections for file downloads. Use the first if you are going to use a spreadsheet program to manipulate your data.

Or, if you are going to use a script or other automated means to manage your data, use the second link.

In the speakers spreadsheet, you'll find the Eventsential ID. If you're exporting your data from another system, you can leave this column empty.

Next we have the speaker's first and last name, and an optional bio.

After that we have the company, title, website URL, email address, and phone number.

You may also include a Twitter username, and a URL for a profile photo.

Two optional custom fields are also available.

The next two columns are used to associate the speaker with the sessions at which they're presenting.

The Session ID column refers to Eventsential's session ID. But because we're exporting from a external system, we're going to leave that column empty, and use the Session Key column instead.

In the Session Key column, we have a pipe-delimited list of session keys. These represent your system's identifiers for each session.

The External Key column is your system's identifier for the speaker.

For our import, we'll leave the Timestamp and Version fields empty. You can read more about these fields from the links on the utilities page.

Now you're ready to export your data from your source system. If you're not able to export directly to a CSV file, just paste your data into the template that you downloaded.

Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV file.

Then, go back to the Utilities page, and select your file in the Upload Data section at the bottom of the page.

And click on Upload File button.

Existing speakers will be updated, and new speakers will be created.

Be sure to check out these helpful links on the Utilities page for more details on the upload process.

Thanks for watching!

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