How do I add and manage Promoted Posts?

Promoted Posts are used by the Admin to to display event promotions and important event information. Promoted Posts include text and a hyperlink. They are displayed on the Eventsential by Results Direct Personalized Dashboard: 

To create a Promoted Post, go to the Dashboard Promoted Posts on the Menu Item List > click on the blue [Add New Post] button and complete the content fields.

  1. Add the name of the Promoted Post in the Title field: 

  2. The Blurb field is where you add text or a banner image. The Blurb content is displayed under the Title. 

  3. Next, add a Content URL or Customized Content. This step is optional. 

    Remember to click the green [Create] button to save your work and create your Promoted Post

PRO TIP: There is no limit to the number of Promoted Posts you can create. The first Promoted Post will be the post to display in the app. You can re-arrange and enable/disable Promoted Posts at anytime, including during your event. To view and modify the list of Promoted Posts, go to the Dashboard Promoted Post in the Menu Items List > click the blue [View All] button. 

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